The digital landscape is continuously growing and evolving. There are many interesting facts about the internet, internet statistics, and ways to use the internet more than you can imagine.

To help you comprehend the size, impact, and purpose of the internet (and World Wide Web) as a whole, we decided to supply you with some of the most notable information that will provide you with some perspective on the internet world as a whole.

Key Internet Facts and Stats

Europe is the 2nd most popular region by internet users, with 705 million internet users.

Europe has around 705 million internet users, which places it in the second spot of regions according to the global internet population. Asia comes in first with over 2 billion internet users.

98-99% of people have the internet in Denmark, Iceland, the UAE, Kuwait, and Qatar.

As of January 2021, Denmark, Iceland, the UAE, Kuwait, and Qatar have the highest internet penetration rate of any country in the world. Between 98% and 99% of the population of these countries has internet access.

As might be expected, North Korea ranks last for the number of internet users. According to a survey, the internet penetration rate is 0% here. Next to last is Eritrea, with 8% internet penetration, closely followed by South Sudan (8.3% internet penetration).

Chrome web browser is used by 65.9% of internet users worldwide.

As of August 2020, Chrome takes up over 65% of the global browser space. It’s followed by Safari, which accounts for 16.82% of all internet users in the world, and Firefox in third place with 4.09%.

Most popular web search engines.

The search engine world is dominated by Google, which is the most popular web search engine according to Google search stats. The top six search engines, according to popularity are:

  1. Google – 92.7% market share
  2. Bing – 2.8% market share
  3. Yahoo! – 1.6% market share
  4. Baidu – 0.9% market share
  5. Yandex – 0.8% market share
  6. DuckDuckGo – 0.5% market share

10 most popular websites on the web.

The top 10 most popular websites on the internet according to Alexa are:

Alexa rank is a measure of website popularity with 1 being the most popular. It is calculated by the site’s estimated traffic and visitor engagement.

Google Search Index contains more than 100,000,000 GB.

Google is the world’s biggest search engine and includes hundreds of billions of webpages that total up to over 100,000,000 gigabytes in size.

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