We often come across clients who host their websites with Goliath ‘GoDaddy’, who tend to add on charges, are very slow and their constant upselling can dive a person insane!
Despite its large status, GoDaddy falls short of the reliable service it touts. While adorned with celebrity endorsements and retro-themed ads, GoDaddy’s reality doesn’t match the hype, earning it a spot on our list of hosting services to steer clear of. While it remains a popular choice for domain management, its web hosting services frequently disappoint.

  1. Sluggish and Unreliable Hosting: Technical glitches are inevitable, but GoDaddy’s hosting woes often leave users stranded for hours. Frustrating connectivity and speed issues are commonplace, and when the service is operational, it feels like it’s powered by hamsters on wheels. Downtime during critical promotions can cost businesses dearly.
  2. Data and Malware Breaches: For those who entrusted GoDaddy with domain registration, hosting, or email subscriptions, a prudent check on your data might be overdue. GoDaddy’s track record includes several data and malware breaches, leading to compromised user information. Despite investigations, their handling of these breaches raises concerns about the security of user data.
  3. Relentless Upselling: GoDaddy’s relentless upselling tactics can turn even the simplest tasks into a barrage of offers. The platform bombards users with upsells, disrupting workflow and potentially leading to unnecessary expenses. Our clients, at times, unknowingly succumbed to these practices, paying more than necessary.
  4. Expensive and Ineffective SEO Tools: For a hosting service of its scale, GoDaddy’s SEO tools fall short of industry standards. Despite premium plans, access to their subpar SEO toolkit is restricted. Reviews suggest that investing in these tools, whether self-managed or GoDaddy-assisted, yields poor results.
  5. Lack of Free SSL Certificates: GoDaddy’s refusal to support Let’s Encrypt, a widely-used free SSL certificate provider, leaves users without an easy and cost-effective encryption option. This not only contrasts with industry trends but also raises questions about prioritising profit over user convenience.

At Wucee, we believe in transparent and reliable web solutions. The shortcomings of GoDaddy previously has pushed us to seek better alternatives for our clients.
Our commitment remains steadfast: delivering superior web services at affordable prices without compromising on security or speed.